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*If you are a family looking to receive a free Safe Sleep Baby Kit, please read the information below. Do not use this form.*

ECECD provides any NM family who requests it a Safe Sleep Baby Kit containing materials to foster a Safe Sleep environment in a variety of spaces. Our purpose is to provide all families in New Mexico access to and awareness of a Safe Sleep environment in a way that is respectful, culturally responsive, equitable, and informed. The Safe Sleep Baby Kit is distributed upon a family’s request by Home Visiting programs and partner agencies and organizations throughout our state. The kit includes a Travel Bassinet, infant clothing, baby board books, and educational materials about Safe Sleep, baby’s development, and resources available to families of young children in our state. The Safe Sleep Baby Kit is available to families regardless of income, home language, citizenship status, or family structure. To receive a free kit, contact your local Home Visiting program, found on our Early Childhood Education and Family Supports Portal by entering an address, or call 1-800-691-9067 to connect with a program. There is no obligation to sign up for the program to receive a kit. If you are an organization wanting to connect your families with free kits, please reach out to us at or connect your families with a Home Visiting program in your area.

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