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Registered Home Provider Referral Agreement

Referral Database Policy and Agreement

Thank you for your interest in adding your program to our free referral database. The statewide UNM Early Childhood Services Center – NewMexicoKids Resource and Referral Service (NMKids R&R) is a NM ECECD grant-funded program specifically designed to help New Mexico families find home visiting, child care, and other services impacting families with young children. We also offer technical assistance and resources to both parents and child care programs in the areas of child growth and development, navigating our web searches, and accessing educational materials and training.

We are committed to increasing access to quality services for all families with young children. The first and most important point of access in providing these services is YOU—the professional child care provider. In order to quickly and efficiently refer a family to your services, please follow the steps below:

  1. Please read this Policy and Letter of Agreement all the way through.
  2. If you agree with all the sections, please continue to fill out the requested information. If you do not know your EPICS ID number, contact your food program sponsor to obtain that number.
  3. Submit the form. Within a few days, someone from UNM ECSC – NewMexicoKids Resource and Referral will contact you to collect the information needed in order to refer you to families searching for child care in your community.

You can contact us at any time to change or update your information. We will update this information on a yearly basis to ensure that what we are giving families is accurate, so please expect a call from our office annually. The information you provide us will be available to families and other programs and organizations who contact us by phone and will also be listed on the website.

Important note: NMKids cannot guarantee how often we will refer your program. Our referrals are done when families contact us seeking a particular service in their community. We recommend that you advertise in your own community in various ways, such as making business cards or brochures and contacting local businesses, schools and community centers. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at 1-800-691-9067.

Letter of Agreement

I have read and understood the NewMexicoKids Resource and Referral Policy Statement and agree to comply with it.

  • I will complete the NewMexicoKids Resource and Referral update.
  • I understand that in order to be listed with the NewMexicoKids R&R Service, I must remain in compliance with any state licensing or other regulations.
  • I understand that I am responsible to take appropriate action regarding any federal, state, and local requirements applicable to my program or service.
  • I understand that my program or service will be referred to families looking for support via phone, the website, or in person.  I authorize all of the above types of referrals.
  • I will not discriminate against any children or families on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, gender, ancestry, age, disability, medical condition, sexual preference, or other protected status.
  • I confirm that neither I, nor any other adult in my home, have been found to have a substantiated case of abuse or neglect against a child.
  • I understand that I am responsible for contacting NMKids Resource & Referral should there be any changes to the status of my program.
  • My program shall, at my own expense, protect, defend, indemnify and save harmless ECECD, the University of New Mexico, ECSC – NewMexicoKids Resource and Referral, its elected and appointed directors, officers, employees, servants or agents from any and all claims, damages, lawsuits, costs and expenses which they may incur as a result of any acts, omissions, or negligence of the program or service provider in its engaging in any activities pursuant to this agreement. 

Provider Letter of Agreement

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Mailing Address
Physical Address (If different than above)

About NewMexicoKids Resource & Referral

NewMexicoKids Resource & Referral (NMKids R&R) maintains a database of community services that are recognized by regulatory agencies in the state of New Mexico and continue to maintain their status with their respective regulatory agency.  This database is used to provide courtesy referrals to anyone who requests them at no cost to either programs or referral clients (families). Programs provide us with the information that is included in the database and that information is used to help us refer families to programs that work to meet the needs of children.  Collected information can also be shared with other referral agencies and service entities concerned with children and families. Programs and their information appear on this list on a voluntary basis. 

Inclusion in the referral database maintained by NMKids R&R is not a recommendation or an endorsement of any program.  Inclusion in the database is not a guarantee that a listed service provider is appropriate for a certain child or meets any quality standards.  Inclusion in the referral database is also not a guarantee that information provided by a listed service provider is correct and factual.  Parents and guardians are encouraged to educate themselves about quality and to determine the appropriateness of service providers through on-site visits, interviews, and other means.  Parents/guardians are also provided with links to Licensing & Registration regulations and other information where appropriate. 

Complaints Against Programs

The NMKids R&R maintains its status as a neutral community service and so does not become involved in any disputes between other service providers and requestors.  Complaints against programs should be lodged with the agency that regulates that particular program. NMKids R&R can help in referring people with complaints to the proper agency. Our agency does not provide mediation services between parties in a complaint, nor does our agency conduct investigations into the validity of complaints.  NMKids R&R is not a regulatory entity, and therefore does not investigate complaints against service providers.  However, should NMKids receive a complaint against a service provider, the complaint will be documented and forwarded to the proper authorities and/or regulatory agency.

Child Abuse

As required by law, NMKids R&R reports any suspected cases of child abuse or neglect to Child Protective Services.  Anyone contacting our agency with complaints of child abuse or neglect will be immediately referred to Child Protective Services (NM SCI Line) and information will also be forwarded by the NMKids R&R staff member taking the call to Child Protective Services. 

Removal of a Program from the Referral Database

A service provider is removed from the referral database if it is found that the provider is no longer licensed or registered with an appropriate regulatory agency or it is found that that program is no longer providing services. All action taken will reflect NMKids R&R’s commitment to safeguard children and provide families with the options that best meet their needs.


NewMexicoKids Resource & Referral believes that parents/guardians are best able to choose and evaluate services for their children because they know their family’s needs best.  Our goal is to assist families in finding the widest range of available service options and to encourage parents/guardians to act on their own knowledge and feelings as they select from among these possibilities.  Responsibility for selecting an appropriate program or service rests with each parent/guardian. The State of New Mexico Early Childhood Education and Care Department (ECECD), the University of New Mexico, ECSC – NewMexicoKids R&R are not responsible for inaccuracies in either the data contained in or disseminated from the referral database, nor are they responsible for action taken in reference to information provided from the referral database.  The above agencies are also not responsible for finding, securing, or ensuring continued services for families nor are they responsible for evaluating the quality of the services.

NMKids R&R is funded by the state of New Mexico ECECD, (Early Childhood Education and Care Department).