Child Care and Early Education

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About New Mexico’s Early Childhood Education And Family Services

Child Care and Early Education

Child Care in New Mexico is a broad category of care for children ages 0 up to 13, depending on the individual program. Child Care includes services like child care centers, in home child care, Head Start, and PreK programs. Child Care in New Mexico is monitored by the Early Childhood Education and Care Department, which is in charge of licensing and registration of child care providers. READ MORE

Home Visiting

New Mexico provides a coordinated continuum of high-quality, community-driven, culturally and linguistically appropriate home visiting services that promote maternal, infant, and early childhood health, safety, development, and strong parent-child relationships. Home Visiting helps families to: gain knowledge regarding child development, connect with community support services, discover ways to support learning through play and interactions, receive emotional support through challenges associated with raising a child, and access support to get out of dangerous or unhealthy situations. READ MORE

Developmental Programs

IDEA / Developmental Programs are used to help families who are concerned about their child’s development or for families who have identified developmental delays in their children. READ MORE

Accidents and Incidents in NM Child Care Settings

Despite the best childproofing and safety efforts, childhood accidents sometimes happen. Child care providers are required to notify parents or guardians in writing of any incident, including notifiable illnesses that have threatened the health or safety of children in their care. They also must report to the Licensing Authority any fatality, or serious injury that require medical attention. An aggregate data report about reported serious injuries, substantiated child abuse and deaths in child care is available for your view.

A parent may submit complaints about child care providers by calling the Early Childhood Education and Care Intake Center at 1-888-351-0037 or via email: