Adult Student in Early Childhood Training The New Mexico Professional Development system supports ECECD's Division of Policy, Research, and Quality Initiatives legislative mandate to provide training and licensure requirements for all individuals in a recognized setting for children from ages 0-8 yrs.  Statewide training opportunities are available to NM early learning providers, families and interested community members. Training sessions offered meet the New Mexico Core Competency Areas for Early Care.

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Early Learning Training Opportunities

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Regional Early Care Education Conferences (RECEC)

The Regional Early Care Education Conferences (RECEC) are a collaboration between state agencies and community organizations that provide an educational venue for adult learners to improve child development practices and increase compliance with state and federal program regulations and policies.

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Search for State Approved Trainers

Qualified trainers from the New Mexico Early Childhood Trainer Registry provide education and Family Support training. These trainers ensure that Early Care Professionals receive training based on the Seven Core Content Competency Areas identified in the NM Professional Development System.

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If a trainer does not appear on the search results, you can verify whether a trainer is approved through the NM Trainer Registry by contacting Early Childhood Services Center or call 505.250.6725. General questions regarding the NM Trainer Registry Search can also be directed to the ECSC.  

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