Licensed Child Care Centers

Licensed Child Care Centers

  • The program is run out of a center or facility
  • Licensed programs have a STAR Level (1-5) using indicators
  • Employees are required to have a federal background check
  • 24 hours of annual training in the field of early care and education is required
  • The number of children allowed per classroom: See details under State Regulations
  • The facility or center is inspected by CYFD once per year

The Children, Youth, and Families Department licenses child care centers in accordance with the regulations found here.

The Background Check Regulations are found at 8.8.3 NMAC, and specify that each individual who works in a licensed child care center must undergo a background check and meet the following requirements:

  1. Submit an application for background check by the end of the next day following commencement of service; and
  2. Remain under direct physical supervision by a direct provider of care who has already received background check eligibility; and
  3. Obtain background check eligibility within 30 days of commencement of service, unless an extension is granted by the Background Check Unit

Volunteers, substitute teachers, parents, and other non-employees who have access to children in centers are either:

  1. Required to submit an application for background check similar to employees; or
  2. Remain, at all times, under direct physical supervision by a direct provider of care who has already received background check eligibility.

The state of New Mexico does not maintain a database of child care providers who work in Licensed child care centers and have passed a background check. Instead, you can search our Child Care Database to determine if the child care center that your child attends is licensed with the state of New Mexico. After determining that your program is licensed, it is recommended that you speak with the center director of the child care program to determine whether the specific direct provider of care to your child has received background check eligibility.

To read the related regulations, please click below. 8.8.3NMAC and 8.16.2NMAC