NewMexicoKids Training and Consultation Hub

NewMexicoKids Training and Consultation Hub
Contact Information

Kathi Carroll
NewMexicoKids Program Manager
Albuquerque, NM

Vision Statement

New Mexico is a place where all families have access to, and value, high quality information and services related to young children’s development and educational readiness.

Mission Statement

In support of New Mexico’s children, the New Mexico Training and Consultation HUB works collaboratively to inform and educate a broad range of consumers that results in high quality early care and education, a respectful and professional environment, is culturally sensitive and is fully accountable.

We are committed to systems that support:

  • Developmentally appropriate early learning for all children birth to eight including school-age care and education;
  • Opportunities for quality professional development for all staff;
  • Worthy compensation for the early childhood workforce;
  • Affordable, accessible, high quality, developmentally appropriate early care and education to all families; and
  • Early childhood education that builds on and supports existing programs