What are the steps to choosing quality child care?

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1. Start Early: Finding the right child care option takes time so families must start their child care search as far in advance as possible.
2. Consider Quality: Read the Parent’s Guide to Selecting Quality Child Care to determine what to consider while searching for child care. Consider programs currently participating in New Mexico’s Tiered Quality Rating and Improvement System-FOCUS. These programs are on their way to providing higher quality care for your child. 5-STAR is the highest recognized quality of care.
3. Make Contact: Families can SEARCH HERE or call 1-800-691-9067 (9 AM – 4 PM Monday through Friday) to request a customized child care search.
4. Visit, Ask Questions & Make a Choice: Families should visit the child care options they are considering and ask questions pertaining to issues that are important to them. Make more than one visit to the program before making a final decision. Review CYFD inspection reports on licensed programs to help you make the best decision for your family. Please read our Family Letter for additional information and utilize this Selecting Child Care Checklist to help with decisions.

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