COVID-19 Childcare Provider Supplies/Food Request

New Mexico and the world are in unprecedented times, and we thank you for your service to your communities. If you are a program struggling to find supplies or food deliveries, please fill out this short needs survey so we can help you. Our team will contact local districts to see if resources are available to share. They will also call local retailers and research if supplies are available in your area and when the next shipment will be delivered to a local store. Please be as specific and detailed with your needs as possible. We ask you to carefully consider what you need to continue services.

*PLEASE NOTE: We are assisting with locating and delivering resources; we are not purchasing these resources for programs. Please see our FAQs for detailed descriptions on current program assistance we are offering.

We are happy to announce that three regional Facebook pages are now up and running to support child care providers in finding needed supplies in their local areas. Simply type in either "NM Child Care Resources: Central Region", "NM Child Care Resources: SW Region", or "NM Child Care Resources: East Region" in your Facebook search engine. We are updating these pages with resource “finds” on a daily basis. We also invite providers to do the same. We will continue to case manage new requests as they come in, ensuring that each provider is contacted and provided personal attention. We will also reach out to all that have submitted a request and invite them to join the Facebook group in their area.

COVID-19 Supplies and Food Locator for Childcare Providers Form