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NewMexicoKids Child Care Resource and Referral

What the NewMexicoKids CCR&R is

NewMexicoKids Child Care Resource & Referral maintains a statewide database of child care providers that are licensed or registered by recognized regulatory agencies in the state of New Mexico and continue to maintain their status with their respective regulatory agency.  This database is used to provide courtesy referrals to anyone who requests at no cost to either child care providers or referral clients.  Child care providers share the information that is included in the database and that information is used to help refer families to providers that might meet the needs of their children.  Child care providers and their information appears on this list on a voluntary basis.

What NewMexicoKids CCR&R is not

Inclusion in the referral database maintained by NewMexicoKids Child Care Resource & Referral is not a recommendation or an endorsement of any child care provider.  A listing in the database is not a guarantee that the provider is appropriate for a certain child or meets any quality standards.  The CCR&R staff do not monitor and cannot guarantee that information provided by a listed child care provider is correct and factual.  Parents and guardians are encouraged to educate themselves about quality child care and to determine the appropriateness of child care providers through on-site visits, interviews, and other means.  Parents/guardians are also provided with links to Child Care Licensing and Registration regulations and other information in quality including the “Parents Guide to Selecting Quality Child Care”.

Funded by the state of New Mexico Children, Youth & Families Department