Classroom Management Ideas from Programs Around the State!

Photo courtesy of Tadpoles Daycare in Roswell.

What is your favorite resource or idea around classroom management?

"Love and Logic. Being able to understand that this is a toolbox with practical applications and I can use what I learned in the training to fit my personality and my objectives in the classroom while supporting the individuality of each child in my classroom. It sets the stage for every area and it restores balance. It allows me to spend more time with each child. The Love and Logic approach lays a central foundation for the children to be successful." - Amy with Choices for Children in Albuquerque

"I used class dojo for classroom management, and parent communication. Some children like visuals and I used to have an IPAD that I would use but I am not sure if that is allowed anymore. Just keep kids with lots of options, a child could be out of sorts if there isn’t enough for them or they are bored. Busy bags or sensory experiences are always helpful. Look at your schedule to see also if kids need a change in the schedule, and see what better fits their needs. Also keep communication open with families it helps to know what is going on to understand the kids." - Nikki with Kid's Kountry Midtown Academy in Las Cruces

"Classroom Design. The first element of classroom management is intentional design. - Angie with Discovery Walnut in Las Cruces

Check out what is happening in classrooms around New Mexico:

Photo courtesy of Choices for Children in Albuquerque.

Photo courtesy of Maria's Montessori in Clovis.