Regional Early Care Education Conferences (RECEC)

The Regional Early Care Education Conferences (RECEC) strive to provide a positive contribution in the lives of New Mexico’s children by improving the quality of care, overall health and safety of the child care environment and by empowering communities to educate and support New Mexico’s childcare providers.

RECEC are a collaboration between state agencies and community organizations that provide an educational venue for adult learners to improve child development practices and increase compliance with state and federal program regulations and policies. RECEC provide consistent and appropriate research-based training by qualified trainers on current and emerging childcare issues, trends in child development and programmatic updates.

RECEC are essential in the achievement of the following outcomes:

  • Build competency in the areas of child care and child development.
  • Attain a better understanding of best practices as they relate to child development.
  • Develop a sense of professionalism among child care providers.
  • Increase compliance with CACFP requirements, registration requirements and licensing regulations.
  • Bring together local, state and national community resources.
  • Address, define and clarify the business aspects of a child care operation with regard to administration, communication, and CACFP regulations.
  • Sustain capacity within communities in New Mexico to provide support and guidance for childcare providers.
  • Promote quality of care, value human dignity and respect cultural diversity.
  • Continue to strengthen prevention efforts.