Training Calendar FAQ

Click on a hub below to visit that region's calendar!

When I try to download a PDF version of the calendar, nothing happens.

If you use an adblocker like Adblock Plus or if you have popups disabled for our site, disable them and try downloading the PDF again. If you still have trouble, please submit a ticket.

How do I find a course on a specific date (month, week, day, etc)?

You can use the arrows (< and >) at the top of the calendar to sort through the events by month, or you can select a specific day, month, or year by clicking on the corresponding dropdown at the top of the calendar.

How do I sort / search for courses and trainings by name? 

There are two options to sort and filter trainings. The first one is to use the filter feature by clicking on the filter icon next to the search icon at the top of the calendar. From there, you can apply filters by region (calendar), category (course name), and location. 

You can also use the search feature to search for a specific event by keyword.

I want to see the events in a calendar layout by month.

To see a monthly calendar layout, click the "Month" button next to "Agenda" and before "Week" in the menu at the top of the calendar.

When you switch to the month view, be sure to select which month you want to view. Not all months have events, so you might not see anything at first.