What is NewMexicoKids Resource and Referral?

NewMexicoKids Resource & Referral maintains a statewide database of child care providers that are licensed or registered by recognized regulatory agencies in the state of New Mexico. This database is used to provide courtesy referrals at no cost to any family, provider, or community member who requests. Child care providers and their information appear on this list on a voluntary basis. Inclusion in the referral database maintained by NewMexicoKids Resource & Referral is not a recommendation or an endorsement of any child care provider. Information is used to help refer families to providers that might meet the needs of their children in order to assist the family to make an informed choice. NewMexicoKids also maintains a statewide database of other family supports, including Home Visiting Programs, organizations providing basic needs such as food or shelter, financial assistance opportunities, and much more.

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