Look For The STARS

Look for the STARS Requirements

Licensed Child Care centers and licensed family Child Care homes are required to meet basic licensing regulations to receive a 1-STAR license through the Children, Youth and Families Department.

For additional STARS, programs are required to meet higher quality standards in the following areas:

  • Staff Training and Education / Learning Activities

    • Well-trained staff raise program quality.
    • Appropriate daily learning activities reflect each child’s interests, growth and development.

  • Environment / Family Involvement

    • The environment affects the way children behave.
    • Family involvement helps staff make learning meaningful to children.

  • Ratios and Group Size Assessment

    • Fewer children per adult and smaller groups result in positive outcomes for children.
    • Assessment allows staff to observe and document children’s progress and share information with parents.

Other information…

  • In order to achieve a higher STAR Level License, a facility must meet all of the STAR Essential Elements for the applied-for level. The program must continue to maintain basic licensing requirements.
  • A program must apply to Child Care Licensing for a higher STAR Level License.
  • All programs will have their STAR level verified, based on quality criteria in the AIM HIGH Essential Elements at their annual licensing visit based on current criteria.
  • As a program’s STAR level increases, reimbursement for children receiving subsidies from Child Care Assistance increases.
  • A 5-STAR license, means that the program is nationally accredited.